My Work

I write about global political issues. My books are available in hardcopy, kindle, & ePub versions through my LuLu & Amazon storefronts.

The book, Geoengineering: Planetary Sabotage & Human Extermination, released in May of 2014, exposes the global geoengineering program. Wealthy eugenicist-psychopaths are coordinating the destruction of Earth's natural resources & sickening the population with daily stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI).

In May of 2013 the book, Invisible Eugenics: How the Medical System and Public Schools are Killing Your Children, was published. It explains a world-wide eugenics program launched by people of wealth. Intelligent people with leadership traits are being identified in the public schools & attacked with chemical weapons.

A book finished in September of 2010 called, New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control, describes a silent war that is taking place in cities all over the planet, which is covered-up by the media, mental health system, NGOs, and our elected officials. An online version can be viewed here.

The following is a description taken from the book's cover: "Now that the financial elite are finished using the US military and allied forces to conquer nations in their quest for global domination, they're neutralizing individuals and groups of resisters who live among the people. To do this, they have recruited a major portion of the civilian population, which is used as a surrogate force to persecute those who have been identified as enemies. As part of the same agenda, the security forces are conducting psychological operations on civilians and torturing them with directed-energy weapons. The entire operation is in service to some very wealthy psychopaths who rule our society, as part of a global revolution that will result in a planetary dictatorship, known as the New World Order."

My first book, The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elite's Covert War Against the Civilian Population (2008), contains evidence that wealthy satanist-psychopaths are waging a covert war right in your neighborhoods as they establish a global dictatorship known as the New World Order. It received a favorable review in Nexus Magazine.