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Energy Healing

Quantum Touch

Since 2008 I've practiced a type of energy healing known as Quantum Touch. Around this time I also became familiar with other types of energy healing, but have found that Quantum Touch offers me the best results.

With this method, the practitioner uses breathwork & energy sweeps to raise their vibrational frequency while they're in physical contact with the person to be healed. Then, through resonance the patient's body adjusts to that frequency & naturally heals itself. Because the restructuring of matter takes place on the atomic level, it is known to be successful with conditions that traditional medical procedures can't effectively treat.

The success stories described in the Quantum Touch material include people being helped or cured of the following conditions:

Practitioners are stating that some severe cases may take several months of 2-3, 1 hour sessions per week, while hip & occipital ridge alignments have happened in minutes. Personally, I have only conducted sessions with a few people, mostly family. My sister had a serious thyroid problem for which (according to her), there is usually no cure. After multiple sessions we were able to lessen the condition considerably, to the point where she requires the least amount of medication, & soon may require none at all.

Although I am not certified in this healing art I still offer sessions. If you have a health condition for which regular medical procedures have given you unsatisfactory results, & are interested in exploring this possibility, contact me & we can discuss arrangements. I am currently in Pittston Maine & do not have a vehicle. At this point I would not charge for sessions. If you wanted to make a donation, however, that would be accepted.

Quantum Touch Material

Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal, Richard Gordon
Supercharging Quantum Touch: Advanced Techniques, Richard Gordon, & Alain Herriott
Quantum Touch Video Workshop, Richard Gordon