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Mark's Resume


I'm seeking a job on a ranch, small organic farm, or similar environment, starting in June of 2019 & lasting to September.

In exchange for a private living space I can work 25 hours per week. The living space could be a cabin, yurt, garage, trailer/camper, or tent.

The ideal environment would include a rural property, where I am managing myself, performing regular maintenance, minor repairs, gardening, & chores.

I'm a self-educated, white, non-religious, straight, 46-year-old, published author, former IT professional, in excellent physical condition, currently living in the Boston area.

I'm mentally stable, responsible, trustworthy, quiet, & respectful.

I don't smoke, consume alcohol, or do drugs. Your property, (which will be treated as if it were my own), will be kept neat & clean.

In my spare time I'd be studying & writing. My other interests are: dance, meditation, nature, hatha yoga, exercise, & classical music.


I have experience with basic landscaping as well as gardening, from seed-starting to harvest. Some of my skills include:

From June-2005 to June-2010, I was a MOFGA intern at two organic farms in Maine; one in Phippsburg, & the other in Palermo. Since then I've done other gardening.

The things I'd like to learn & participate in, are: construction projects, keeping poultry, alternative energy, horse care, & alternative building.

Other Skills & Experiences

These are some of my other skills:


If there are operations requiring skills other than the ones I mentioned we can discuss them.

Before an agreement is made I can visit you for a couple of days. At that time I will also provide references. If things seem OK, maybe we could make a conditional agreement for a period, then extend it as things continue to go well.


Mark (at)